When special occasions arise, there is nothing like dressing up in your finest clothing attire.  Putting on a nice suit or dress is a wonderful feeling, except for when you look down and the belt you’re wearing is mediocre or out dated.  I have come to realize the first thing that stands out to me in an outfit are belts and shoes.  A fine outfit is nothing without an attractive looking belt.  If one wants the best then he or she should consider a genuine alligator belt.  Here at Edgemon Crockett our men's belts and accessories are high class.  


         Custom alligator belts are an additional $30.  This main additional service is a genuine American alligator strip sewn into the lining of the belt.  The purpose of this is to reinforce the holes from straining, created from the tension of the buckle. This feature adds strength, but also gives this genuine American alligator belt an attractive and tailored look. Also we have an optional sterling silver buckle made locally for an additional $250.  Each alligator belt is handmade and carefully constructed by Edgemon Crockett. We do not use clickers or factory machinery to replace the hands on aspect.  We take our time in order for precision and accuracy to ensure these exotic belts are of the best quality.                                                                

        Custom work is not limited to these additions.  We offer other options, such as a one size fits all belt.  This feature allows the removal of the buckle in order for the belt to be shortened.  We can also make belts according to one's particular buckle, for instance compression buckles or others.  Custom work is not limited to belts we are willing to create other accessories, as well.  One may simply contact us and we will gladly construct a belt or item into any particular fashion. We ultimately enjoy speaking with our customers and will happily create a product that fits the needs of one’s desires.  

Watch bands are something we are great at, but are generally special order.  Many watches are different in regards to sizes and widths.  We prefer one to mail in the old watch strap, in order for us to match it perfectly, so it will fit one's wrist like a dream. Visit our contact page and call or email.  

Custom Alligator Belts and Products

alligator watch bands
alligator watch band