Our executive gator wallet consists of full alligator.  The front cover of this exotic wallet has true symmetry from left to right of the center line.  The inside of this alligator skin wallet also displays true symmetry from left to right. The picture above is an example of the area we use for the covers.  We use the finest patterns of the genuine American  alligator, excluding the tail.  Each piece is carefully examined and placed according to balance and proportion. The credit card pockets are solid alligator with the back sides lined with fine silk, designed for beauty and strength.  I am an artist and I take great pride in these products.  We are very precise and particular about the accessories we produce.  Our aim is quality and excellence.  Please give us a call and we can discuss size and dimensions to fit your needs.


Sincerely, Edgemon Crockett.

We take great pride in our alligator belts. We only use genuine American alligator for our products.  Edgemon Crockett specializes in a one piece alligator belt.  This alligator belt is a vertical cut from the neck down.  This allows for a wide variety of scale ratio and doesn’t display repeat patterns.  It is much stronger and highly recommended.  This luxurious skin is matched with a supreme lining on the back of the belt.  Our lining, has no wrinkles or piping.  It is the best part of the cow hide and will not crack.  Each belt is equipped with hidden snaps and interchangeable buckles.  These alligator belts and products are hand made by us in our work shop.

Alligator Belts by Edgemon Crockett

alligator belts

Edgemon Crockett is a family owned business. Our operation is located Bainbridge, Ga.  This is the location of our store front.  Our alligator belts, alligator skin wallets and other products are made from Genuine American alligator.   These products are made by us, the owners.  

Alligator Belts

alligator skin wallet
Edgemon Crockett